The cause of Frozen shoulder is unknown but results from the thickening of the shoulder capsule. Frozen shoulder is common in individuals 40-60 years of age, predominantly women. This condition may appear following trauma, surgery or may present with no precipitating factor. Frozen shoulder goes through 3 stages: freezing, frozen and thaw. The whole process can take up to 2 years. Individuals experience pain with all shoulder movements and gradual progression of loss of shoulder mobility. Physiotherapy is beneficial in any stage to assist in maintaining strength and range during the initial stages and to increase strength and range during the thawing stage. In all stages, physiotherapy can be effective in addressing pain through therapeutic modalities.

At Physiotherapy Advanced Rehab we offer accelerated approach to treat this debilitating condition. The combination of dilatation performed by an Orthopaedic surgeon/shoulder specialist coupled with manual intervention by registered physiotherapist produces great outcomes resulting in restored or substantially improved mobility of the shoulder joint.